ISPOR - HTAsiaLink Joint Session is scheduled on 15 Sept.
We are pleased to inform you that HTAsiaLink and ISPOR are holding a joint session in the upcoming Virtual ISPOR Asia Pacific 2020 titled “HTA Harmonization in Asia Pacific – Just a Dream or a Future Reality? A Joint ISPOR – HTAsiaLink session.” Our HTAsiaLink President Budi Hidayat and Vice President Kun Zhao will attend the session as speakers.

Health technology assessment (HTA) is increasingly being accepted by decision-makers as an essential tool to formulate and implement evidence-informed health policy in the Asia Pacific region. Recognizing the wide variety of healthcare systems and HTA processes in the region and the importance of considering the local context when assessing health technologies, by leveraging inherent strengths in each system, HTA harmonization will bring many benefits, such as reducing cost, saving resources, having access to pooled expertise, and improving efficiency of regulatory and reimbursement processes, among others. There has been notable success with these efforts in Europe. However, in the face of challenges including social-cultural differences, differences in decision processes, legal conditions, and views on the medico-economic value of health interventions, is HTA harmonization still feasible for the region? As global organizations comprised of experts with different perspectives and backgrounds, ISPOR and HTAsiaLink are well-positioned to support the global health pursuit toward adopting universal best practices. This session will examine the key opportunities and barriers to harmonization of HTA across Asia Pacific, with a view toward future development and solutions.

· Oshima Sachin, PhD
   Department of Health Research, New Delhi, DL, India

· Budi Hidayat, SKM, MPPM, PhD
   University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia
· Andrew Wilson
   Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC), Canberra, NJ, Australia
· Kun Zhao, MD, MHSci, PhD
   China National Health Development Research Center, Beijing, China